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Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather, please call the school office at 908-850-0709, visit the home page of the website, or check our Facebook or Instagram page for delays or closings. In most situations, closings/delays will be announced by 2:30pm. Students may  

Cell Phones

The use of cell phones during class is prohibited. If a student needs to call home for any reason, they may use the school office phone. 

Guidelines & Policies

General Points of Consideration

There is a method to ballet training that involves building upon a strong foundation in small increments.  Class placement is crucial to the development and growth of each dancer. Given that, each dancer progresses at a different rate, and other factors such as previous training and mental maturity play important roles. While age is taken into account, it is not one of the primary considerations in class and level placements.  

Student Conduct

Students are expected to treat one another and their teachers with the utmost respect and behave in a professional manner. Lines of communication should remain open and transparent to ensure the best working relationship possible. Concerns should always be addressed directly with the teacher and/or Director. 

Level Placement

Students are placed in the level most suitable to obtain maximum benefit. It is important to always keep our bodies guessing, which is why variation in classes and teachers is part of each student's curriculum. 

Refund Policy

Tuition is non-refundable except in the event of illness, injury, or relocation out of northern New Jersey. In the event of severe illness or injury a medical excuse must be submitted to the Co-Directors. There are no refunds for missed classes; students are encouraged to make up classes within a timely manner.   

Missed classes

It is recommended that missed classes be made up in a timely manner. Summer classes, camps or workshops cannot be used o make - up purposes.


NJSDA reserves the right to use any photographs or videos of its students.