The North Jersey School of Dance Arts is committed to sound principles in dance education. The curriculum is unique and integrates elements from the best in progressive and classical training. Its outstanding faculty and the use of renowned teachers enhance the program. Students are correctly trained, therefore a professional career in dance becomes a reality not just a dream. This school is proud of our many students who have contracts with national ballet companies, national Broadway tours, and Broadway contracts. We are also proud of our students who have become doctors, physical therapists, teachers, journalists, full scholarship recipients at major universities, and mommies who now bring their children to NJSDA.


The 4,000 square foot facility features three studios; two with sprung marley floors and high ceilings.  The school also has two rest rooms, a dressing room, kitchen, store and lobby where parents may relax while their child is in class.

Ample parking is also available in the school parking lot. 

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