Course Descriptions



Intro 1 (Ages 3-4)

A fun and exciting introduction to dance and movement. Music, games, and play are used to develop motor skills, coordination, balance, and rhythm.


Intro 2 (Ages 4-5)

Intro follows in the creative footsteps of Rhythmic Dance but starts to encourage preparatory ballet positions and movements.


Intro 3 (Ages 5-6)

Students begin to learn the concepts of dance through simple class structure, stretching, and expression through music in movement.


Beginner Ballet (Ages 8+)

Class focuses on basic ballet techniques, proper body alignment, flexibility, and muscle control. Students will be introduced to barre exercises and center combinations.


Elementary 1, 2, & 3

These levels build on age-appropriate but focused training with emphasis on proper use of the feet and legs, acquiring turnout, and dancing in time with the music. There is also an emphasis on the knowledge of proper ballet terminology.


Intermediate 1, 2, & 3

Students begin to learn turns, complex combinations, and body positions. Pointe work is taught in levels Intermediate B & C.



Emphasis is placed on refining technique while developing artistry and style


Movement is explored through use of concepts of time, space, and effort. The use of momentum and gravity, the articulation of the upper body, the use of parallel leg positioning, flexed feet, and weight distributions that is low to the ground are skills typically found in Contemporary Dance.


Includes strength, flexibility, and conditioning techniques and progressions including isolations,  leaps, and turns. Students learn many new fun and trendy dance steps with an emphasis placed on energy, rhythmical accuracy, and styLe!

Musical Theater

Enjoy the excitement of jazz dance, acting, and voice in a Broadway atmosphere!


Students learn tap rhythm, sounds, and combinations. Emphasis is placed on building speed while keeping the clarity of taps clean.

Rockette Tap

Students will learn the intricate patterns and precision of the Radio City Rockettes!